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How to Pick Flowers for a Wedding in Napa Valley

If you’ve decided to hold your wedding in Napa Valley, congratulations. It is one of the most romantic spots in California, if not all the United States. This may seem like a big boast and quite a claim; but, if you really need proof, you only need to look at the thousands upon thousands of weddings that took place in Napa Valley over the years.

There is something about Napa Valley. Its greenery, scenery, and climate, as well as its local culture, makes it an ideal spot for a wedding. Your wedding is not just any occasion. It is one of the most special occasions in your life; everything has to go right.

If you have decided to hold your wedding in Napa Valley, you definitely got a long way to make sure that your wedding will be memorable and beautiful. With that said, your choice of location is just one part of the big picture. You also have to make sure that you pick the right Napa Valley florist. This can easily be overlooked by many future spouses. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hassle and pressure of planning a wedding. Still, you need to pick the right florist to ensure that your wedding is the best it could be.

A key part of this is to instruct your florist to use the correct flowers. The right Napa Valley florist already has the expertise and track record of picking the best flowers for any kind of situation. However, they still need input from you, after all, it’s your wedding. Your personal input, both as a couple and individuals, go a long way in ensuring that the florist you select does an amazing job. Here are just some key factors to consider when picking flowers for your Napa Valley wedding.

The ambiance of the location

Napa Valley is a huge place. There are many areas and event venues that host weddings and receptions. You might want to go there personally and take a look around to get a clear understanding of what kind of ambiance is involved. The ambiance determines what kind of flowers would look best for your wedding.

The theme of the wedding

Many couples decide on a theme long in advance. Other couples just do things by the seat of their pants and wait until the last minute. There is no right or wrong answer. Maybe you’re very busy and you only have time to think of a theme right before the wedding. That’s perfectly ok; as long as you have a clear idea of the theme, you should be fine. Make sure the florist knows about your theme, so they have an idea of the range of flowers that would go best with it. Or if you are really overwhelmed, you might consider using a Napa Valley wedding planner.

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The personality of the bride

No offense to the groom, but the wedding is essentially all about the bride. It’s her special day. Not surprisingly, her personality has to be reflected clearly in certain elements of the wedding decoration, theme, and flowers used in the ceremony and reception. It’s a good idea to sit down with the bride and come up with an inventory list of personality traits. Tie these traits to certain flowers.

Budget considerations

This may seem a bit discouraging. After all, when planning a wedding, it would be nice to assume that cost is not an issue. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Budget considerations have to play a role. While it’s great to use the more expensive flowers only, in most cases, this is not an option. Make sure you have a clear idea of the budget limitations you are working with so your florist can come up with the best options given your circumstances.

Accent considerations

One interesting thing about using flowers to decorate a wedding is that flowers are not the only element at play. There are many decorative accents like ribbons, carpets, and seat coverings. All these different factors have to work together. You can’t use flowers that either stand out like a sore thumb or otherwise deflate the visual appeal of the rest of the decorative accents in your wedding. The proper flowers bring out the best in all other decorative accents; they don’t serve to defeat them.

Color considerations

Wedding themes often come with unifying color. This always has to be a factor, never disregard it. Make sure your florist is well aware in advance of your overarching color consideration. This could give them the information that they need to come up with creative color combinations, as far as flower selection goes.

Will it compliment the giveaways or favors?

This is really a subset of the accent considerations discussion above. In a typical wedding, you’re giving away favors or small gifts to your wedding guests. There should not be a thematic clash between the look and feel of the favors and the rest of the decorations. There has to be some unifying consistency. While this is not always possible, it can definitely help in giving the impression that the wedding is put together professionally. This makes the wedding all that more memorable to all involved.

Timing considerations

Ideally, it would be nice to use the best-looking flowers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are seasonal variations and also budget considerations involved. Make no mistake about it, if you want to use flowers that are out of season, you can. You just have to pay the price for it. Assuming that you have tight budget considerations to keep in mind, the best bet would be to give your florist some leeway, as far as flower selections go. This means that they would pick flowers that are in season and would still look good.

Keep the flower selection considerations above in mind when instructing your florist. They go a long way in ensuring that your Napa Valley wedding would not only look good, but it would also be memorable and be well put together. You owe it to yourself to plan for nothing but the best wedding memories.