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Finding the Best Flowers for Birthday Celebrations in Napa Valley

If you have a birthday celebration for yourself, a friend, or a family member, holding it in Napa Valley is a great idea. Chances are; it’s going to be a very memorable birthday. The Napa Valley region of Northern California is one of the prettiest and most picturesque spots in all of West Coast. In fact, given the tremendous amount of global tourists going to Napa Valley every single year, the argument could be made that it’s one of the most memorable and beautiful spots on the planet.

A lot of its charm comes from the fact that there are lots of wineries based in this area. The Napa Valley’s main claim to fame is its wine tours. If you are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s almost an obligatory stop. A trip to Northern California won’t be complete if you fail to do one of these two things: go see the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Napa Valley.

They tend to go together. Interestingly enough, most people are very familiar with the Golden Gate Bridge. However, a lot of people draw a blank when it comes to Napa Valley. This really is too bad because you are missing a lot when you don’t check out this place. It sums up what is so beautifully unique about Northern California. It shows off its amazing taste, culture, elegance, and respect for nature.

If you have decided to hold a birthday celebration there, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just rush into the typical Napa Valley florist shop and get some flowers for the party. That would be missing the point; that’s like going to Italy and only buying any kind of cheese, or worst yet, American processed cheese. Similarly, it’s like going to France and buying wine made in another part of the world.

If you’re going to be holding the celebration in this part of the world, make sure that you work with a Napa Valley florist who has the right factors in mind to ensure you pick the correct flowers. How important are the flowers? Flowers basically symbolize how well you thought about the event. It shows people in the clearest terms possible the overall theme and mood that you are trying to establish. It also graphically illustrates the range of moods and emotion expected from people.

It’s not an empty detail; it’s not just something you will get to when you have extra time. It definitely isn’t an afterthought. You can create a complete Napa Valley experience with the appropriate flowers. Here are just some ways you could tell if you are working with the right Napa Valley florist. Ask them a lot of questions, see if they follow a specific flower selection strategy or process that reflects the ideas below.

Matching a theme

It would really be too bad if you hold a birthday party with no theme. It’s as if random people just showed up, and someone brought a cake in; someone brought some drinks, and another one brought the flowers. That kind of planning would be a great thing back in college or graduate school. However, it is flat out unacceptable if you’ve been working a few years, or you’re settled down with kids, and most of your friends are in the same situation.

birthday flowersThere has to be some sort of unifying theme or element that makes this birthday in this particular place extra-special and memorable. Otherwise, it’s just another photo you can post on Facebook. It’s entirely forgettable and easy for you to dismiss it in light of the other things happening in your life. Obviously, you didn’t plan for a birthday party in Napa Valley just so you could forget about it quickly.

Reflect the celebrant’s personality

Great birthday planning is really all about celebrating a person. It’s celebrating what’s special about that person. This means being aware of their personality. What do they bring to the table? What is so special and unique about them? How differently do they look at the world? Do they have a sense of humor? Do they have very interesting experiences?

If anything, this requires a high degree of familiarity and knowledge of what that person offers. All the details of the typical birthday party thrown by the person’s friends reflect how well they know the celebrant. It also reflects how valuable that person is to them. This is why it’s important to make sure that every element reflects the celebrant’s personality. This extends to the flowers selected for the event.

Celebrate a shared memory

This is very important. If friends are throwing a birthday party for somebody who is special to them, it has to focus on a shared memory that all those participants can point to. You have to understand that the best way to develop lifelong bonds is to go through some shared experiences together. This is why military organizations all over the world, as well as fraternities and sororities, make sure that their members go through one shared experience. Whether it’s a road trip, training, or some sort of initiation, that shared experience can last a lifetime.

Even if these people were to meet in the future have nothing else to talk about, they can at least have that shared experience in common. That shared experience will continue to facilitate bonding and forge great memories long into the future. What better way to celebrate an amazing birthday party in the Napa Valley than picking flowers that highlight a shared memory? While the flower in itself may not trigger the memory, it should at least complement the other decorations and elements that bring up the memory.

Highlight Napa Valley’s charms

Another strategy you could take is to decorate the birthday party with Napa Valley as the centerpiece. In other words, it’s not so much about the celebrant, as it is about rejoicing what’s special and interesting about Napa Valley. This would make a lot of sense if the celebrant is very excited about Napa Valley. Maybe it’s their first time there, or they have a strong emotional bond to the place. No matter the case, it would make quite a bit of an impact if you play up the distinctive charms and special Napa Valley values that the person is interested in.

There are many things to get excited about in Napa Valley, and this can easily turn into a long list of potential flower choices. That should be just the beginning, it should be filtered based on the mood you’re trying to create. You should also consider what the group throwing the birthday party thinks about the celebrant. Finally, another filter you can apply in the wide range of Napa Valley flower selection is the shared goals, hopes, and dreams of not just the celebrant, but also the friends and family throwing the party.

By going down the list of factors outlined above, you can go a long way in ensuring that celebration in Napa Valley is not just a birthday held at a special place; it can become something bigger and better than that. You can create an event that almost all participants can look fondly back on and continue to revisit year after year as they communicate with each other.