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How to Decide on Flowers for a Funeral in Napa Valley

If you live in the Bay Area, or you have a special attachment to San Francisco Bay, holding a funeral for a loved one in Napa Valley makes a lot of sense. A Napa Valley funeral is definitely a great send-off if the deceased comes from this area or has a particular emotional attachment to that region. Napa Valley is one of the most scenic and beautiful parts of the West Coast, if not all the United States. There are lots of special memories tied to this specific place. If anything, the guests to the funeral will have a very special memory of the scenery attached to the memory of the deceased. Talk about a serene, beautiful way to send someone off.

With that said, funerals are never easy. Even if you know ahead of time that your relative or friend has a special soft spot in their heart for this place, deciding to hold the funeral there is just the first step. It’s too easy to get caught up in the sad mood of the situation and fail to plan properly. Funerals, just like birthdays and weddings, require proper planning.

Think of the process from the perspective of the deceased, what kind of send-off would they want? What kind of final memory would they want to leave those who are near and dear to them? The bottom line here is that a funeral should be about commemoration, instead of just sadness.

It’s ok to feel sad and mourn the loss of a loved one. However, if they were to have a hand in the planning of their funeral, they would probably want their lives remembered in a positive way. They would want their friends and family members to commemorate the great things in his or her life. You should think along the lines of how the deceased would appreciate the funeral.

funeral flowersAccordingly, you need to work with a Napa Valley florist with this mindset. Their focus should be on deciding on key funeral elements that would make for a great commemoration of a life well-lived. This is not as easy as it may seem. It takes quite a bit of expertise and definitely requires a track record and experience.

When considering a Napa Valley florist, ask them about how they decide on the flowers for a typical funeral held in Napa Valley. Their answers should tell you everything you need to know about their level of professionalism, creativity, and their track record of excellence. Here are five ways to decide on flowers for a funeral in Napa Valley. Your choice of florist should be informed of the factors below.

Focus on the mood

A florist worth his or her salt would know that one funeral is different from another. Why? People are different; their loved ones have different expectations. It’s important to focus on the mood that the participants want to create.

Are they looking to memorialize? Are they looking to project a sense of hopefulness? Are they looking for a light-hearted moment to commemorate a life well-lived? These are different moods. A true professional Napa Valley florist would understand the impact of moods and select flowers accordingly.

What do the other funeral items look like?

In any funeral, there are other items there. For example, if there is a special religious ceremony, there are religious items. If the deceased chose to be cremated, the ashes would be in an urn. These details must inform and drive the florist’s choice of flowers for the funeral. They should come up with a cohesive or cogent look to the event to ensure that the proper mood is communicated.

What is the Napa Valley standard?

If you’re holding a funeral in Napa Valley and the deceased is not from that area, chances are, you are trying to capture a particular “Napa Valley look.” Accordingly, you need to rely on your florist’s familiarity with flower standards, selection processes, and traditions from that part of California. It’s important that they can clearly describe to you what a Napa Valley funeral normally looks like, as far as flower selection and decorations go. Otherwise, if they can’t come up with something clear that’s easy to understand, you would be better off taking your business elsewhere.

Do the flowers reflect the deceased’s personality?

You need to describe the deceased’s personality to the florist you’re considering. It’s important to make sure that their personality shines out. This is, after all, the last formal public send-off for that person. Everything has to be right. It has to be a celebration of who they are as a person. At the very least, their personality should be front and center of the funeral process and rites.

Size and budget considerations while communicating a theme

While it’s easy to get caught up in the other factors discussed above, budget considerations must always be kept in mind. This is what holds you down to reality. Make sure that you work with size and budget restrictions and constraints while sticking to the general theme that you are trying to communicate.

Thankfully, there are workarounds. For example, if you’re working with a fairly tight budget, you can choose to use smaller bouquets or less expensive flower designs. Keep in mind that one of the main drivers of a flower set’s cost is its design. You can get the same kinds of flowers in the same amount and still manage to save quite a bit of cash if you use a different setting or design. This is one of the most often overlooked facts in planning any kind of event involving flowers.

Make sure you ask questions related to the factors raised above. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing business with a Napa Valley florist who may not be up to the job. Remember, this is the final send-off of that very special person in your life. Be certain that everything looks right and proceeds according to plan. Flowers are never an empty detail in a funeral.