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Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Finding the Right Flowers for Mother’s Day in Napa Valley

Usually, when celebrating Mother’s Day in Napa Valley, it’s very easy to rush into any florist shop and pick up whatever is available. In many cases, kids would just grab the biggest bouquet or flower package and call it a day. This is too bad because there’s something special about celebrating Mother’s Day in Napa Valley. Napa Valley is one of the most picturesque and beautiful spots in not just the West Coast, but all of United States.

Seriously, there’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of people flock to Napa Valley for special events every single year. This part of California is not just known for its world-famous wine tasting. While there are lots of vineyards and wine makers in Napa Valley, people keep coming back because it truly is a beautiful place. To say that it has a lot of fans in the US and the rest of the world would be an understatement.

This is why one fast-rising trend in Napa Valley is Mother’s Day. A lot of grown-up kids take their moms there for an extra-special day. If you really want your mother’s special day to shine out, make sure you give her the best flowers. Unfortunately, relying on a Napa Valley florist to make choices for you on an automatic or discretionary basis is not going to end well. You’re just throwing good money away.

It’s not that the florist is incompetent; the problem is the whole point of giving flowers on Mother’s Day and celebrating that day in Napa Valley is to create a special memory. Mother’s Day is all about mom; it’s all about celebrating her. This is why you need to work with the florist you’re considering, ensuring that their choice of flowers for your mom actually does the job and creates the right effect.

What are the things to consider when finding the right flowers for your mom for an extra-special Mother’s Day in Napa Valley? Keep the following in mind:

Her personal favorite

All moms already have a favorite flower. Even if your mom says, “Well, I don’t really have a favorite,” she does. Pay attention to what she normally picks, as far as flower selections go, instead of the things she says. Maybe your mom just likes to say she doesn’t have a favorite.

Her favorite color

If you’re still stumped as to identifying the favorite flower your mom has, look for clues in the form of her favorite color. Flowers have different ranges of color. This can be a great place to start, as far as figuring out what flower she would appreciate. Remember, your goal is to see that unique mix of surprise and delight in her eyes when you show her the flowers.

mothers day flowersHer personality

Moms, of course, have different personalities. We’re all different people; we come from different backgrounds. We look at the world differently; we have different experiences. All these combines to give us unique personalities. Pick the right flower based on the personality of your mom. This is a great opportunity for you to sit down and reflect how well you know your mom; how well you appreciate her, and what she means to you. Her personality helped shape you, and this can be a very therapeutic exercise; not just a matter of simply coming up with a flower that looks good.

Remember, the best gifts are personal in nature, precisely because they communicate the person’s impact on your life and what they mean to you. Picking flowers, based on your mom’s personality, communicates how well you know her; and how intimate and deep your relationship is with her.

Her hopes

Hanging around anybody for a period of time would give us a fair, clear idea as to what their hopes and dreams are. It’s important to pick flowers that are aspirational. The sad truth is, the older we get, the more likely we are to lose our sense of possibility. It seems like we’re stuck in the same routines; and one day isn’t much different from the day that follows it. In other words, it’s easy to become old and jaded.

People are people. As they say, life is what happens when you’re making other plans. You may have all these hopes and dreams, but things just pop up all over the place, and you eventually realize you’ve gotten older without being closer to any of them.

When you give flowers to your mom that highlights her hopes and reminds her of her dreams, she can’t help but appreciate the gift. It helps her reconnect with a part of her that may have been buried by her everyday obligations. It brings back her sense of possibility and frees her from her sense of limits.

If anything, it’s a great time to know your mom truly. This reminds her of the deep level of personal intimacy and connection you have with her. You’re not just someone who calls from time to time, or asks for money and support. You’re somebody who actually not only benefits from her, but seeks to benefit her by paying attention to her.

Your shared memories

The best gifts don’t cost a lot of money. They don’t come in gold foil or bright shiny packages. They don’t come with the logo of expensive German cars or fine pieces of Japanese automotive engineering. Instead, the best gifts often highlight shared memories. For example, if your mom used to send you a care package in college consisting of ramen noodles; giving her such noodles and paired with special flowers, may put a big smile on her face.

It would tell her that you appreciate the love and support she gave to you back then. It also communicates the appreciation and remembrance you have for all her sacrifices. It can be a very beautiful thing. The best part is gifts based on shared memories don’t cost a lot of money. It’s the memory itself that’s priceless, not the figure on the price tag.

The bottom line: what does your mom mean to you?

The bottom line theme being communicated by all the factors above really boils down to what your mom means to you. This is very personal. Many of us don’t have ideal home lives and childhood. Some of us feel incomplete, and we may have some hurts from the past. Whatever the case may be; your mom plays a role in all of that. Picking the right flower that communicates, not just her hopes and dreams and the idea of motherhood, but also what she means to you, can go a long way in communicating healing, in commemorating a long, rewarding bond, and in reassuring your mom that you will be there for her no matter what.

Finding the right flowers for Mother’s Day requires a lot of thought. The last thing you want to do is to rush into any Napa Valley florist shop and pick the biggest package available. It’s not about the money; it has everything to do with love, appreciation, respect, and connection.