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Valentines Day Flowers

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Your Choice of Flowers for Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Did you know that most lovers on Valentine’s Day give flowers that are essentially boring, predictable, and flat out cheesy? It really is a shame, but in a way, it is almost inescapable because when you consume any popular media, we are left with the same narrow range of choices.

When the phrase Valentine’s Day gift is mentioned, most people would automatically think of roses. Believe it or not, there are thousands of flower varieties outside of roses. Many of these packs quite a bit of romantic messages. This may be weird, but this is the absolute truth. There are tons of other flower choices out there besides roses.

valentines day flowersThanks to clever marketing, as well as laziness, most people automatically assume that roses are the de facto or semi-official flowers of Valentine’s Day. Talk about boring, predictable, and a wasted opportunity to bring out all the romantic possibilities of this day. You have to remember that Valentine’s Day is not just a day to show the world that you have a lover or partner; it goes beyond that.

It really boils down to being given an opportunity to show that very special person in your life how much you know them, and how much they mean to you. These are two totally different things. Unfortunately, a lot of people are very lazy, as far as gift giving goes. They think that once they give some sort of gift that is expected by society, then they’ve done their job. They can go down to the next checklist item on their agenda, and they can go on with their day. Talk about missing an opportunity and simply going through the motions.

Let’s put it this way. If your lover or partner means so much to you, they should be worth the extra effort and thought, when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift giving. If you were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley, resist the urge to go to the nearest Napa Valley florist shop, pick up a package and be done with it. Believe it or not, you’re blowing it if you’re doing things this way. While you should still seek the assistance of a credible and competent Napa Valley florist, you need to pick flowers in a systematic and methodical way.

Remember, you’re not just celebrating each other; you’re celebrating your relationship. These are two totally different things. When you fall in love with somebody, to some extent, you are no longer your own person. There is a third party being born; that is called your relationship. Your relationship has its own needs and agenda. Relationships that become really deep and meaningful, as far as personal bonding and emotional growth are concerned, understand this. Relationships that remain shallow and often just use each other’s company tend to remain at a fairly superficial level.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of how you like or love each other, make it a celebration of your commitment to your relationship. How do you make this happen? Work with your Napa Valley florist to ensure that the following considerations are reflected in your flower choices for Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley.

Be inspired by your special moments

Every relationship is different. Even if you were to break up your current relationship and pick a new partner who has roughly the same personality and outlook as your previous one, that new relationship will still be different. Why? You have different special moments with each other; and you have distinctive experiences. You have to focus on these when trying to pick flowers because they must be inspired by and commemorate your special moments together.

Draw inspiration from your shared memories

Doing things together is not just an opportunity to hang out with somebody. It’s not just an opportunity to feel loved and give love. It is about creating exceptional memories together. Great flowers have a way of referencing or looking back on special shared memories. For example, if your first date involved walking through a field of daffodils or lilies together, these flowers can trigger very special memories that a typical Valentine’s Day bouquet of roses wouldn’t. Do you see the difference here? Do you see the depth involved?

Unlock the romantic appeal of Napa Valley

Since you are celebrating Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley, don’t let the local scenery and flavor go to waste. Napa Valley can pack a lot of romantic imagery; that’s for sure. It is no slacker when it comes to amorous moods. Napa Valley brings a total package of romantic imagery and feelings to the table. Unlock a lot of these feelings by picking the right flowers. Unfortunately, you can’t do this on your own. This is where an experienced Napa Valley florist can come in handy.

Other factors

Here is a short list of other things you might want to consider when picking flowers for an extra-special Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley. First, you might want to consider flowers that provoke a sense of curiosity or wonder. Why? If you’re in the typical relationship, chances are, things can get quite routine very quickly. At first, you get all excited being with that person, and you might even get butterflies in your stomach. Unfortunately, that goes away after you’ve been with that person for quite a long time.

This doesn’t mean that the flame is gone; it only means that you are human. Routine does tend to make its way to all our relationships no matter how special they are. One great way to overcome or offset this is to give flowers that tap into a sense of curiosity and wonder. Maybe give a flower that both of you can talk about because it’s so weird and unusual. It’s not the flowers itself that make for a romantic environment; it’s you talking and engaging each other in both an intellectual and emotional level.

Another approach you could take is highlighting the mystery of your relationship. Any relationship will always have its mystery. Beware of relationships that have lost their sense of mystery; there’s something wrong there if you feel that you completely know your partner. In many cases, this is a symptom that you have developed an attitude that takes your partner for granted.

Finally, you might also want to consider flowers that rediscover the power of “we,” instead of reminding both of you of “you and me.” Again, this speaks to the fact that a real relationship is a third party. It’s not just a loose alliance of two individual distinct people. If that’s the kind of relationship you have, there’s something off about it. It hasn’t grown to its full potential.

Real relationships involve the rise of a third party called the relationship. This is a third party you could become loyal to over the years, and you could sacrifice for. Not surprisingly, couples who view their relationship in terms of third party loyalty to the relationship tend to have less misunderstanding. Why? They love and continue to love based on principle, not convenience or external circumstances. Highlight this level of your relationship with the right choice of flowers, assisted by the capable Napa Valley florist.